Friday, January 30, 2009

iTunes addons

Trying out iTunesControl and Last.FM

iTunesControl gives you hotkeys for iTunes - so you don't have to keep maximizing iTunes. It also downloads album art and shows the currently played info in a pop up.

Last.FM uploads your play list into their database, and also downloads all info about the artist, song. It will also suggest other artist. Much time wasting potential.

Some others I'll be trying:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Converting an enum to a list

Needed to interate through an enum, so I had to convert it to a list. Used generics so that the code could be reused:

public List<keyvaluepair<k,>> BuildListFromEnum<k,>(Type type)
var list = new List<keyvaluepair<k,>>();
foreach (K key in Enum.GetValues(type))
V name = (V)Convert.ChangeType(Enum.GetName(type, key), typeof(V));
list.Add(new KeyValuePair((K)key, name));

return list;

This can be used like this:

var statuses = from status in statusList select new NameValue(status.Value, status.Key);

where NameValue looks like this:

public class NameValue
public N Name { get; set; }
public V Value { get; set; }
public NameValue() { }
public NameValue(N name, V value)
Name = name;
Value = value;